What’s In My Hospital Bag? (Round Two!)

The first time packing my hospital bag, you would’ve thought I was going on a seven day cruise. SO. Many. Unnecessary. Things! Packing your hospital bags should be an exciting and fun time, since this usually means you’ll be meeting your new little love very soon – but I know sometimes it’s not.

“What do I bring? Is this enough? Do I need this? Should I bring this?”

The second time around is a lot easier because well, you’ve done it before and know exactly what you’ll need! Take it from me, you do not need that 11th pair of maternity underwear – you’ll be wearing a huge diaper for the next three weeks of your life.

Image result for mesh underwear hospital
I’m sure you’ve seen this viral photo of Chrissy Teigen. Yep, this is reality.

The biggest thing I do recommend is to check with the hospital you are delivering at to see what they provide for you and baby. Most hospitals will have diapers and wipes for baby. Pads & mesh underwear for you. Most hospitals also provide shampoo, conditioner and soap for your first shower but I’m picky about the soap and shampoo I use so I just got reusable travel sized bottles for those. Our hospital did not provide binkies, so we brought one. I’d recommend bringing a few, different brands/types in case you have a picky baby like mine! Especially for the car ride home.

It’s absolutely not necessary to bring baby a cute change of clothes or swaddle but it’s nice to have on hand because some hospitals do come around to take some photos of your newborn or you might have scheduled first 48 photos. If this isn’t your thing, leave the extra two outfits at home – you’ll most likely just need a cozy going home onesie.

Honestly, I don’t even think I wore a bra the entire time – free the boobies!!! Especially if you’re breastfeeding, baby will be attached to you 24/7 so there’s no point of a bra anyway. But of course, this is all personal preference. If you’re going to have family come visit or professional photos taken, throw a nursing bra or two in your bag.

I personally bring along roller blends to make labor and post delivery as tolerable as they can be! Some hospitals let you bring a diffuser in the birthing room as well, so if you’re into this then I would reach out to labor & delivery and ask about it. The “labor blend” that I bring is Clary Sage and Joy from Young Living; diluted with fractionated coconut oil – this keeps bringing on contractions as they come. *be sure NOT to use this oil before you are full term and labor begins* The “sleep blend” is Lavender & Stress Away from Young Living; diluted – to promote deep sleep (what you can get of sleep with a newborn) and help de-stress. I roll these onto my spine, ankles & wrists.

Wishing you the best of luck, the most speedy recovery and a happy, healthy babe! Xx

Click HERE to download a free printable hospital bag checklist – with everything you’ll need for the whole family!

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