Top Ten Newborn Must Haves!

If anyone knows how stressful making a baby registry is, it’s me! I’m the type of person who does a ton of research before buying something. I weigh out every single possible pro and con so if you’re like me, this list is for you. There has been so  many “essential” baby products that I put on my registry that I haven’t even touched and probably  won’t ever will, but I’ll save that for a different day. While newborns don’t need a ton of things, it is great to have products that will make your fourth trimester a little easier. I wanted to include products in this list that aren’t the obvious like diapers, onesies, burp cloths, bouncer, etc.

  1. Pacifier Clips
    These have been such a life saver! Whenever we’re going out somewhere I have full peace of mind that her pacifier isn’t going to drop on the dirty floor. It’s also really helpful when you have to reach your newly found elastic mom arm into the back seat to pop the pacifier back into your babes mouth, you can just grab the string and find the pacifier instead of searching around for it wherever they may have spit it out. The name clip pictured here is from my friend Emily’s shop, NoelleGrae on Etsy, her clips are adorable! My other favorite place to purchase these are from Ryan & Rose, Lindsey is such an inspiring mother and her little girls are so adorable.NB_blog-04
  2. Wipe Warmer
    Self explanatory. Rori HATES cold wipes and when I have to change her in the middle of the night the last thing I want to do is totally wake her up with an ice cold wipe. This wipe warmer by Hiccapop keeps the wipes at a great temperature and doesn’t dry the wipes out at all (we use Pampers and Honest wipes). I love that it has a little light as well when you’re changing in the dark!NB_blog-08
  3. Car Seat Cover
    I am completely and totally obsessed with these! Whether it’s raining, too sunny or you just don’t want people gawking at your baby while you’re food shopping you need need these car seat covers. Copper Pearl covers are my go-to because they have the cutest designs ever! And they sell on amazon…enough said. They also double as a nursing cover or even in a highchair at a restaurant or shopping cart to protect your baby from germs. We have the Camel (unisex!), Caroline (pictured here) and Holland.36718487_10217000485231251_3799019519591055360_o.jpg
  4. Swaddles
    A lot of people have told me their babies hate being swaddled, but it’s the most natural thing they know because it mimics the womb. It’s great when they’re first born because it reduces the moro reflex. We love Copper Pearl swaddles because they’re super stretchy so you can wrap them up tight and they’re the softest I’ve ever felt. KB Cute Designs also have the softest swaddles and really sweet designs! (linked the exact floral swaddle pictured below) Our favorite swaddle to use when Rori got a little bigger and stronger was The Ollie Swaddle. Babies squirm and toss and turn and sometimes break right out of swaddles, especially if they’re not wrapped the right way. The Ollie Swaddle has velcro which makes it easy to swaddle (great for people that aren’t the best at swaddling) and prevents baby from  breaking out. The bottom is easily accessible for middle of the night changes without having to unswaddle. I always always carry an extra swaddle with us in case Rori starts to get fussy.Processed with VSCO with c5 preset
  5. Baby Lounger
    The most popular lounger is the DockATot – we had one but switched to the Snuggle Me Organic lounger and we love it so much more. It’s all preference, but the Snuggle Me (pictured below) is designed to hug the baby to mimic someone holding them. I found that Rori sleeps much better in there, and actually slept through the night for the first time in it! I love these because you can take them anywhere in the house for baby to nap or even when traveling. These are also both great for co-sleeping!ok.jpg
  6. Bassinet
    If you’re not the co-sleep type parent but still want your babe close. We have the Halo Bassinest and LOVE it. It fits perfectly next to the bed and you can adjust the height to be perfectly flush with the bed so you can easily lift baby in and out. We have our Snuggle Me Organic lounger in the bassinet (although not recommended) and it fits perfectly. This also gets baby ready to be transitioned to their crib because they’re already used to sleeping “alone”.Snapseed.JPG
  7. Gathre Mats
    Cannot recommend these enough! We have two changing pad mats, one for my diaper bag and one to put on top of Rori’s changing pad. Honestly, if I didn’t have this on top of her changing pad I’d be washing sheets allll day every day! They’re so easy to wipe down if baby poops or pees on the changing table. We also have two of the mini mats for when Rori starts to eat in her highchair. I’ll be able to clean up any mess she makes right off the mat instead of wiping up the floor everyday. The top mat pictured is the Cinder micro, the middle was an exclusive Gathre x Rylee + Cru design – Tide mini, and bottom is the Ash mini.NB_blog-111.jpg
  8. Sling/Baby Carrier
    There are a ton of different brands and styles of baby carriers out there. My favorite carrier by far is our WildBird ring sling. It’s super cute and really easy to use. You can use the sling from newborn all the way up to a 35lb babe. The fabric molds right to baby’s teeny body and hugs them while keeping them secure so you can get stuff done! Rori almost instantly falls asleep when I put her in the sling, the natural bouncing of your body when you’re walking around and being so close to you puts them right to sleep. Being able to get things done hands free, but still holding your babe close is the best – because if you’re like me, leaving the dishes dirty for days or the floors not vacuumed is enough to drive you crazy!35882958_10216873632420010_8016449320024801280_o.jpg
  9. Chest Rub
    Have a fussy baby? Because we do! This calms Rori so much when I put a little bit on her chest before bed or in between outfit changes. The scent lasts all day long and it’s so refreshing, I could sit there breathing her in for hours. Maty’s All Natural Baby Chest Rub is made of all natural essential oils like eucalyptus, lavender and chamomile –  petroleum and menthol free! This is recommend for babies 3+ months. But of course consult with your pediatrician to make sure you can use this for your babe and discontinue if you see a rash or irritation.
  10. Gripe Water
    Yes, gripe – not grape! This has been our HOLY GRAIL. Rori suffered from silent reflux the first two months of her life and it was preventing her from getting a good night sleep. She always had violent hiccups after nursing and sometimes just randomly through the day. We tried everything from keeping her upright for at least thirty minutes after nursing, putting her bassinet on an incline, burping more frequently, taking rests while nursing…everything! As soon as Rori hit the two week mark we introduced Mommy’s Bliss Gripe Water and it worked wonders for quickly getting rid of her hiccups or gas so she could fully rest and take a nap (even with half the dosage!). They also have a night time formula made with chamomile and lemon balm extracts to promote a good night sleep (recommended after baby is one month+).NB_blog-01-2

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