We’re Having a Baby…and It’s a Girl!

My whole life I dreamed about being a mother, holding a beautiful baby in my arms to love and snuggle forever with my husband. On August 22nd 2017 that dream came true! We were on our yearly family vacation and I knew something just wasn’t feeling right. I was tired and sluggish for a while now but didn’t think anything of it so we thought why not take a test and see what happens. We wound up buying three tests because we didn’t want to take a chance on getting a false positive. We sat on the edge of the bed together and waited for what felt like the longest three minutes of our lives. We both covered our eyes and walked into the bathroom to see the results on the first test, POSITIVE! Took two more tests, both positive! Silently screaming and jumping around the room so no one could hear us we fell totally in love with the little poppy seed in my belly that was less than four weeks old. Immediately downloading every pregnancy app and book, we got to see what our baby looked like at that moment and could not wait another second to go to our doctor and see our own tiny miracle. We kept the secret in until we got back from vacation to tell our parents, which by the way was the HARDEST secret to keep especially being around our entire family for the next week…sorry guys! We totally walked around all week with the biggest smiles on our faces for absolutely no reason at all 😉

Of course our parents and siblings were just as excited and over the moon as we were. We couldn’t make our first appointment until I was at least eight weeks considering the size and probability of seeing anything at all. Those next four weeks went by so extremely slow, but when we first saw our little human and heard their strong heartbeat, it was so worth it. We took our first sonogram home and stared at that tiny baby until reality sunk in that we were going to be parents (which, as I’m writing this at nineteen weeks, still doesn’t feel real!).

Every sonogram after that was more exciting than the last. Watching our baby grow bigger and bigger every time was such an amazing and unexplainable feeling. At our ten week appointment it was time to get some blood work done, which meant finding out the sex of the baby.


Sixteen very looooong days later, at our very intimate gender reveal, we found out we were going to be bringing a baby GIRL into the world!!!!! The excitement was REAL. So many thoughts were rushing through my head at this point… “I’m going to have a mini me”, She’s going to be the best big sister in the world”, “We are going to spoil this little baby girl so much”, “I CAN’T BELIEVE WE’RE HAVING A GIRL”. Lot’s of sparkles and bows and pretend tea parties were coming our way!


Darien Maginn Photography

As I watch myself grow bigger and bigger every single day it becomes more real to me that I’m growing an actual human. On November 16th, exactly seventeen weeks along, I felt the first teeny tiny little flutters of her feet. My husband was sleeping but I was wide awake not being able to fall asleep because of most amazing experience that just happened. In the next few weeks the kicks just kept getting stronger and stronger and more amazing but nothing on the outside yet, although we were always trying to feel for her kicks. November 28th, just before I hit my nineteen week mark, we were laying down watching a movie and she was kicking a little stronger than usual, hoping she would kick hard enough to feel her on the outside, she did, yay! My husband is no longer jealous of me for being about to feel her bounce around 24/7.


I’ve had such an amazing experience already with little to no complaints or complications. The bond that I’ve already created with our little girl is something I’m always going to cherish.


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